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Hi there! It feels like forever since I’ve been around, and let me tell you, it has been a busy few days. Saturday was my Bachelorette party, which I’ve been telling people breaks the top 10 best days of my life…which is absolutely correct. Here are some snaps from the day…


Friday, as I mentioned, I got a manicure at Primp & Polish in Greenpoint. Not only did they do a fantastic job, but their services are reasonably priced and look how pretty the salon is!

I didn’t have time to do an outfit snap on Saturday morning, but I wore this dress (on super sale!) with these shoes (in black) and I was the epitome of comfort all day long. No tight dresses here!


Saturday, after an early morning Drybar appt with my friend Emily, she surprised everyone at the train station with a Magnum of VC. Party = started.

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First stop, Benmarl Winery, which isn’t pretty at all…

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Oh, hey Hudson river!

We had a tasting with the wonderful Patti. Above is my best friend Gill…aren’t my friends the hottest?

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My big sister Liz drove 2 hours after working all night to be there. She wore a romper and a silk robe…do you see the appeal? She’s the best.

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So is my SIL, Meg, who is now widely regarded as the prettiest pregnant woman to walk to the Earth (true), and who organized the entire day down to the minute, all while carrying around my little niece and chasing after a 2 year old.

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Gang’s all here! Love you guys!

At Benmarl, I managed to find 2 dogs and force my kisses upon them…

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Before a little quiet time on the ride to the next winery.



Where the owner gave me a glass of wine the size of my head.

The night rounded out with an epic dance party in the bus back to the city…



(here I’m facilitating a lap dance)

And an epic, sleepy dinner at the Meatball Shop (they have vegan balls!).

Thanks especially to Meg for thinking of everything, and thanks to Lee Lee, Kennedy, Gill, Cara, Emily, Joel, Lexie, Carolyn, Courtney, Vicki, Becca and Batya for being easy on the eyes, heart and soul, etc. Love you all!








pictures by Emily, Joel, Lexie…and others.

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