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Recently I purchased a lightweight, long sleeved tee that I love. Rather than tuck it away until Fall or even early Spring, I’ve been wearing it regularly this summer (even today in this heat). It feels like such an American notion to equate summertime temps with near nakedness; I don’t know why it took me so long to realize that long sleeved tees are not only acceptable, but at times preferable in the heat.
I have next to no melanin in my skin, which means I will never, ever tan (as my sister used to tease growing up – “If you get enough freckles they’ll blend together like a tan!”). I’ve long since accepted this fact, and aside from the vain part of me, there’s the pragmatic side that knows to lather on the sunscreen before any exposure. Ten minutes outside and I can feel my forearms on fire – so longsleeves? They make sense.

Even if you’re not at high risk for sunburn (you should be wearing sunblock anyway, friend! Melanoma is real), how sweet are long sleeves? Today I’m giving you 6 options under $100 that can and should be in your closet:










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