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Friends, I haven’t done a moodboard in almost a month. Gasp! Truth be told, life is happening. Wedding plans are occurring, trips are taking place, Bisou Sessions is 2 weeks away, etc. That’s a lot of excitement. Almost makes me want to take a trip:

// sweater // tee // shorts // bag // sneakers //

Today’s mood board was inspired by that tiny little Miu Miu bag. I immediately pictured myself stuffing it with my credit cards, phone, passport, and let’s be honest, some Xanax, and jetting out of my hotel room and onto the streets of some European city. You need a plain white silk tee for summer, especially for traveling, because it goes from day to night so effortlessly. Printed shorts replace cargo pants and anything that screams AMERICAN APPROACHING. If you invest in nothing else this year, let it be a a cashmere sweater. Thank me later.





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