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Friends, I am so excited to announce a project that has been in the works for MONTHS!


Some back story: in January of this year, my friend Victoria asked me to be a part of a boudoir shoot extravaganza. We were to do an all day shoot of back-to-back sessions, with a carefully curated set and props by the insanely talented Maddie of Oh My Gemini.

Well, the shoot went so well (remember this Instagram?), that we discussed doing it again, and decided that we wanted to KEEP doing it as long as inspiring, lovely ladies wanted to work with us.


So, with much love and a lot of hard work, we’ve launched Bisou Sessions, a super special boutique boudoir experience for women.

This is not just for brides to be. These aren’t only pictures for your boyfriend or your wedding gift; these are for you. This experience is for you.

I’ll admit, I’ve always had reservations about having boudoir pictures taken. I’m so self conscious about my body (my wrinkles, my pale skin, the list goes on), I’m not sure I could go through with it. But when we did our first day of sessions back in January, and I witnessed these immensely beautiful women confidently face the camera, I was sold. The experience was so empowering, so girl power, girl’s girl love, and I cannot wait to continue to be inspired by the women we work with. We hope to work with you!


Do me a favor today and click through to read more about what we’re offering. If you’re interested in booking, email us at kiss AT bisousessions DOT com.Thanks, as always, for your support!








all images by Victoria Gloria.

set and prop styling by Madeline Rhodes.

wardrobe styling by yours truly.

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6 years ago

BEAUTIFUL pictures. everyone looks so sexy and comfortable! I’m intrigued…