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Good morning, lovely friends! Hope your weekend was fantastic. Ours, though great in its own rite, did not go the way we planned. That Cavalier Meet-Up? We were the only people who showed up. I think the group has 600 members? We were the only ones. We had a good chuckle, let Charlie run around the dog park, then hopped back on the subway and headed home. Charlie enjoyed the air conditioned subway car:
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If you’re a regular around these parts, a few weeks ago we talked about work uniforms for those of who don’t have traditional 9-5’s. Let’s continue that series with an ode to ladies like me: ladies who work from home. Don’t think for a second that I wake up, shower and get dressed before I walk the 6 feet from my bed to my desk. I don’t. For my entire life I’ve spent my time at home in jammies or the like, and I don’t plan on changing that – for the most part. So I want to keep this outfit realistic but also challenge myself a bit; there’s no reason I can’t be uber comfortable while working at home, and there’s also no reason I can’t feel my best or close to it. With that in mind, here’s what I’m dreaming up:


You have to have sweats, right? But let them be stylish. Pair them with a baller silk shirt that can easily be worn out of the house if you have an appointment. Stylish, comfy slip-ons for aforementioned appointment or for dog-walking, bodega-going, etc, and a structured vest that takes the whole outfit from work-at-home to WERK ALL NIGHT (it’s Monday, okay? Just accept the cheese and move on). Any self-respecting woman on the go has a great watch,¬†and now you’re ready to work.

Enjoy, friends.




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