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Happy Friday to you! This week went by quickly, no? What are you all up to this weekend? We are heading to Central Park tomorrow for a Cavalier Meet-Up, and we’re so excited. Charlie is a bit of a butt about other dogs – we can’t decide if we didn’t socialize him enough as a pup, or if it’s just the Cavalier way, (I’ve read that generally are people dogs more than dog dogs) but we figured it would be a good excuse to get him some exercise and meet some other CKCs! Admittedly, my Cavalier obsession began when I saw Charlotte’s dog on Sex and the City, but it has now grown beyond that, and I can’t imagine loving another breed more. Hopefully I’ll have some Instagram snaps for you tomorrow! Whatever you’re up to, have a glorious weekend, and here are my favorite links from the week:

Elie Saab couture (#8 would make the most beautiful alternative wedding dress)

Thank you to my handsome friend Ryan for telling me about this coupon app!

Leandra Medine hits the sartorial nail on the head, once again.

You’re so skinny!

For those who think The Keeper is too crunchy, Lola is here!

Really into long gold necklaces right now.

Where should we meet? and other awesome websites.

Lingerie for ladies who want to broaden the meaning of the color “nude.”

5 posts this week, friends! I’m baaaaack!








vintage Charlie pic by Raven.

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