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Hello, strangers! I needed that little break, and I’m happy to be back here workin for you today.
For as long as I’ve known about the existence of after parties, I’ve known that I won’t do my wedding dress like that – I will stick it out and wear that beautiful gown until, fumbling with drunkenness, Raven peels me out of it so that we can consummate the heck outta our marriage. However! As of late, I cannot resist entertaining the opportunity for an epic outfit change. Hear me out.

Since we’re getting married in Litchfield Butthole, CT, where people go to bed with the sun, our reception is finished, lights out, see ya later, at 1opm. The old lady in me is nodding her head in approval, like this:


But the New Yorker in me is all:


So, it is just our luck that our venue allows for an after party in the hotel bar until 2am!

Excited at the prospect of continuing to imbibe and celebrate with friends for 4 more hours, I have been thinking lately that I’ll want to do so with incredible ease, comfort, and style. Enter the tuxedo. (click to shop)










I love the idea of a little dress or jumpsuit, but there’s something so baller about an actual tuxedo, like the last example here (which isn’t available in my size), that thrills me. So far I haven’t found quite the right option, but I’m on the hunt.

I’d also love to hear what you wore for the afterparty at your wedding – drop some knowledge on me!



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