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Friends, last night I had a nightmare that I was the ONLY ONE on the dance floor at our wedding. And the DJ was playing these amazing songs and everyone just disappeared! These wedding nightmares are no. joke.
Has it been beastly hot where you are? Because it is beastly hot here. And I’ll tell you something: I’m not ready for shorts. I’m just not ready! I know next week is July but I’ve been steady wearing pants practically everyday. If you’ve peeped my Insta, you know that when I say “pants” I mean “black skinny jeans.” This has been my staple for the past 5 years. However, something in me has changed. Maybe it’s the weather, or maybe it’s some fundamental need for me to step up my sartorial game – either way, I’ve been clockin’ fresh pants left and right. Whereas last summer was the summer of the Harem pants, I am officially declaring this summer the summer of the drop crotch chino. See below:

 Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 10.46.49 AMNLST






I was lovingly gifted these by my sister, and no pair of pants that I own makes me feel as good as they do. And real talk? It’s the drop crotch! Somehow, it makes my thighs look thinner, which is a big confidence booster for me.

I’d pair the chinos with some heels, a white blouse and some red lips. But really, they’re just as versatile as jeans!

There are some great sales happening right now (Shopbop and NAP to name a few)…would you try some drop crotch chinos?

PS- don’t forget our 2nd VIRTUAL THINK TANK is happening tonight!! Log onto FB for more…



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