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And a very good morning to you! Hope your weekend was lovely – ours definitely was. I had my bridal hair trial which turned out perfect, spent QT with all 3 of my nephews, then capped off the weekend by hanging with our good friends Kevin and Cara at the Warwick Valley Winery (which I highly recommend). When we got home last night, we spent a good couple of hours in front of Netflix’s new season of Orange is the New Black, and now here we are!
Sometimes my sense of style needs a little palate cleanser – perhaps I’ve spent the weekend trying too hard, or I just feel like I need a little refresh. Yesterday, that was definitely the case. As we were getting dressed for the winery, I must have put together 10 different outfits, all of which I vetoed. I just wasn’t feeling like myself. So, I headed to the back of my closet and ended up wearing a bunch of pieces I’ve had for years, and I felt great.

Now, I can’t quite come to your houses and rifle through your things to find a palate cleansing outfit (actually, I can, just email me) right now, so I thought I’d show you an outfit that is giving me life and inspiration this morning:


// the perfect white tee // long necklace // the comfiest pants // statement makers //

When you have a piece that is the outfit, let the rest of what you wear be easy and simple. These shoes are everything – we could pair them with a funky dress, an all denim outfit, a jumpsuit, hot pants, you name it, there are a million ways to go. But! Nothing is as easy on the eyes to me as keeping the outfit so simple. UGH! You are so COOL! By the way, here‘s a less expensive shoe option, and another cute necklace option…JIC.



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