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Say that 10 times fast! On the real, though, as much as I love investing in special pieces that I’ll have for a lifetime and eventually pass down to my progeny, sometimes you just need a piece for right now. Summer is tricky; it’s hot one day, it’s rainy the next, we walk constantly and need support, we have a day to night situation, you know what I mean.
Some of my summer shoes are investment types, but many many are a step or two down from that – somewhere just above fast fashion. Here are some shoes I’m loving for all my fellow bargain hunters out there:


// for work // for date night // for brunch // for all the time // for fun one// for fun two //

ASOS is truly a one stop shop when you’re on a budget, but even so, I’d gladly put all of these shoes into the rotation regardless of price. Any shoe finds you’d like to share?



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