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Good morning, friends! On the wedding front over here, things are going great. No real new developments, although I did book a photobooth (incidentally, the same one my brother had at his wedding) as well as order our invites to be printed! Things we’re still considering: second line band, vintage furniture rentals, food truck for after the ceremony, and possibly some other rentals for the dinner. We simply don’t have the budget to do all, but more than likely one or two of those items will happen.

So, full disclosure, our parents have helped us out a lot with the financial aspects of the wedding (as well as being great sounding boards and giving advice), but I cannot stress enough how awesome it feels to be able to pay for smaller items on our to do list ourselves. I highly recommend sitting down with your significant other and deciding what you can and want to contribute to your big day, if only to feel super grown up.

Speaking of parents, Raven’s mom and I had a long chat the other day about wedding day details, like the welcome bags. It’s so important to me that we don’t phone in any aspects of the day – if we’re doing it, we’re going to do it right, ya know? I have to admit, though, that tiny details like this get me more stressed than the big ticket items. I love the idea of tiny bottles of alcohol, packets of Ibuprofen, and a sort of wedding weekend brochure so that guests know what’s happening. Other than that, I’m a little stumped.

We’re getting married in November, so apples might be a nice treat! And maybe some cider donuts. Bottles of water are wasteful, but I found these to go cups that would be adorable. Then maybe some homemade trail mix? Or, let’s be honest, Doritos for a 3am salty snack.

Friends, tell me what you did for your wedding! If you’re not married, I want your feedback! You guys have been so helpful with wedding tips, so I’m all ears here.








image by Unique Lapin.

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