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I know it doesn’t feel like summer right now, but friends, it is JUNE. Before we know it, temps will be in the 90’s and we’ll be wishing for weather like this. If you’re outside of NYC, just know that it is less than pleasant here right now (cloudy and kinda cold).
Truly though, now is the perfect time to do a little summer inventory of your closet – now that you’ve pulled back out jeans, long sleeve tees, and even sweatshirts.

Though I won’t tell you tell you what to wear, or what to buy this summer, here are 5 summer staples that I always have in my closet:

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 10.06.52 AM

1. Cut off’s (or jean shorts): This will always be my number 1 staple. No matter your size or shape, there is a pair of cut offs that’s right for you. I’ve talked about my go-to pair, but I also think it’s worth it to go ahead and buy some pre-distressed and cut shorts. I just found a pair of shorts that are my new favorites; surprise, surprise, they’re black.

Go buy now: pictured above // black denim // a bit more modest

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 10.25.38 AM

2. A throw-on dress: No, I’m not going to talk about maxi dresses. NO! Yes, I love them, yes, they’re great. But they aren’t the only summer dress option. The key for a summer dress is comfort, wearability, and a tiny bit o’ cheek.

Go buy now: pictured above // silk and shapeless // okay, fine, a long dress


3. Slip on’s: Read: Non flip flop shoes. We’ve talked about this before. Just something that you can pair with the aforementioned dress, and if you’re me, a closed toe option comes in real handy when I haven’t had time to do my nails.

Go buy now: pictured above // little bit fancy // mules

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 10.41.20 AM

4. A flowy top: Key not only because lots of light material so obviously reads warm weather, but also because I eat a lot of fried food in the summer, and flowy means that I can eat to my heart’s content.

Go buy now: pictured above // backless // boho

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 10.40.08 AM

5. A cool cardigan: Because sometimes the beach is windy, and sometimes (all the time) movie theaters and office buildings are quite literally 60 degrees. Bonus points if you just casually drape the cardy over your shoulders.

Go buy now: pictured above // cashmere // printed 

What are your summer staples?



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