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Wedding planning is one thing, but every so often in this crazy process, I meditate on what we’re actually doing. A marriage is no small potatoes (and I love potatoes), but it’s easy to say that and not always easy to drink it in.

A little life update: if you hadn’t gathered this, we put off buying a house and moving to Connecticut for now. Raven is prepping to apply to school in the Fall, and it didn’t make much sense for us to move without knowing where we’d be ending up. Exciting and honestly a bit of a relief, as we’re not ready to move out of the city quite yet.

The past month has been busy for both of us in the most lovely way – LRW has picked up steam, and Raven is studying like a maniac and playing 4-6 hours of piano every day. What’s left, at the end of the day, are two people who love each other very much with distinctly different needs. If I’ve been working, I desperately want to hang out and have a drink. If Raven’s been working, he desperately wants to study. So, truth be told, we’ve been on different pages for the past month. And what does that mean for our MARRIAGE!?!

In my bones, for me and Raven, I don’t think a month of weirdness adds up to much. But, I do want to make thinking about marriage, really considering it, an everyday activity. I spend so much time thinking about the wedding – a mere 24 hour period that will pass like a flash – and it’ only fair that from now till death do us part gets as much consideration as well.

Married friends, I’m relying on you! I want some pre-marriage and marriage advice. What did the weight of marriage do for your relationship? Any advice? I’m all ears and big potatoes, so please, do tell!








image by Raven Koehler.

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