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Good morning, lovelies! How about this weather, huh? Yesterday around 3pm the skies opened up and we essentially had torrential downpour and thunderstorms well into the middle of the night. Crazy as it was, though, it felt necessary; we slept with the window cracked last night, and I’m hoping that the rain dampened some of the pollen (fingers crossed).
As you might imagine, I’m more of an Autumn fan when it comes to seasons. I like to say that it’s the combination of having next to no melanin in my skin as well as a deep seeded, hereditary need to avoid sun exposure due to my Irish heritage. Either way, I definitely resist “sun’s out, guns out” for fear of blinding my fellow woman and potentially winding up with a bad sunburn. But the truth is, it’s hot out, and at some point, shorts, skirts and dresses need to make a cameo.

In New York, we tend to strip down when it gets warm out – ladies lay out in Central Park, nary a body of water in sight, in their bikinis. That’s all well and good, but when it comes to warm weather dressing, I like to ease into it. Where do I get my inspiration? Los Angeles, specifically on the backs of celebrities.

Maybe it’s the fact that they walk from an air conditioned Cadillac Escalade straight into an air conditioned building, but¬†these LA folks seem to have warm weather dressing down. Let’s investigate:











So moody! So layered! Okay, so, I’m sure that not all of those pictures were taken in Los Angeles, but nevertheless, there’s a certain amount of covering up despite the weather, and I dig it so hard. So here’s what I’m imagining as the New York lady’s take on LA street style:


// skirt // booties // top // sweater // bag //

I don’t know if I’ve EVER been more excited about a sweatshirt/ter in my LIFE. Cheese forever.



images via Pinterest.

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