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Good morning, friends!

So, we talk a lot on here about things, and money, andĀ appearance – kind of superficial, when you think about it. I grew up with parents who always told me that family is the most important aspect of life, and that the rest (jobs, money) is just details. I absolutely agree with this mentality, and yet, here I am building a career that, at first glance, is the opposite of that philosophy.

So how do I balance the need to create with the desire to pursue a career that can, at times, feel very uncreative and sort of unnecessary? Because I love what I do, truly.

Tonight I’m going to attempt to answer this question, among others, when I participate in an online “virtual think tank” with Courtney Romano (remember her? mmm hmm!).

Join us, won’t you? Let’s make some sense out of our lives.

See you at 8pm!







photo by Ashley Caroline.

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