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Good morning, friends! After a very relaxing (read: 2 naps a day relaxing) weekend, I’m more than ready to get back into the swing of things! As much as I love having (more or less) my own schedule, something about the stability of a routine is extremely comforting.

And speaking of comfort – let’s talk about bras. My boobs have a weird history; they’ve been small (weight loss), they’ve been big (thanks, birth control and freshman 15!), and they’re currently somewhere in the middle. As you might imagine, my history with bras has been similarly all over the place. Cup size? Underwire or not? Do I even really need a bra? Today I’m outlining everything I’ve ever learned about everyone’s favorite undergarment, so without further ado:

The best strapless bra: Gap Favorite Strapless 

This bra is like a little shelf for my boobs, lifting them and helping affirm my possession of them, should that be in question. It’s comfy and I never have to hike it up; it has these little clear rubber bands on the inside which have a death like grip on my body. I’ve worn it for multiple 12 hour days and it never slips. It also doesn’t look like a strapless bra, so I never get that awkward dip between the cup and my chest. Rule: buy one and make it flesh colored. You only need a flesh colored strapless. Any other color defeats the purpose of a strapless bra (which is that it goes unseen). The skin tone color will disappear once it’s under a white or semi sheer piece of clothing.

The best fancy bra: Natori

When I want to feel a little fancy, I always buy Natori bras. They aren’t cheap but Nordstrom has amazing sales on these babies. For a sexy bra, grab any color you like, the thought being that it will be seen at some point (if only by you and your dog). Rule: Get measured. If you’re spending that much on a bra, you need to buy it in the proper size. In my experience, Natori runs small, so head to a department store or boutique and have someone measure you.

The best bralette: Cosabella Never Say Never

So, here’s a secret: I never wear bras with underwire anymore (except the aforementioned strapless). About 3 years ago I lost a bunch of weight, and none of my old bras fit me. I was at H&M one day and stumbled upon the cutest bralette. I scooped it up and it became my favorite bra ever. Since then, I’ve returned to a normal weight, but I haven’t returned to cups and underwire. I just like the way bralettes make me feel. You can imagine, then, that I was so pleased to discover these adorable lacy bralettes from Cosabella (wait for a sale). I love wearing a bold color like hot pink under a plain white tee, especially in summer. Rule: Hand wash only. These things are too beautiful to machine wash.

The best bra ever: Coobie

This bra has changed my life. Okay, truly it’s a bralette, but it’s the most comfortable option ever, underwire or not. Nicole at The Brass Owl introduced me to these bras last year, and I’ve been wearing them almost exclusively ever since. They’re one size fits most, so you don’t need to worry about getting measured, and they have removable cups and straps, which makes them extra versatile. Rule: Take out the cups for everyday, then add them in for a night situation. Make sure to tighten the straps to enhance your cleavage. Damn, you sexy!

I’d love to hear your thoughts / tips, etc, friends! Holler at your girl!



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