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Vince shirt // Baublebar necklace

Hi friends! Friday again, with a long weekend ahead, no less. What are you all up to? Raven and Charlie and I are headed up to Old Lyme, CT for the weekend. We’ll be eating plenty of fried food and drinking plenty of wine over nightly board games. We’ll also be spending the weekend with my brother and SIL as well as their son, Elliot. I cannot wait for some one on one time with my nephew! Here’s hoping you have an exceptional Memorial Day, and as always, here are my favorite links of the week:

A Jon Hamm (love him!) interview about the Mad Men finale.

Would you book a hotel room just for a good cry?

ASOS is 20% off with code LONGWKND! I want this.

Wine ordering tips.

Nordstrom is also having an enormous sale! I could use some new workout pants.

This is amazing. (via Refinery29)

For all you horndogs (or horncats, hornturtles, hornrabbits) out there…








photo by Julia Elizabeth.

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