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Some of you may know that I spend many Saturdays during the summer assisting photographers at weddings. Having been an event planner for years, I love the fast pace of the day, I love problem solving, and, dare I say it? I love being on my feet for 12 hours, cramming a granola bar in my mouth while crouched in a corner, and never having time to pee. Weirdly, I love it. However, it’s a service that I offer that I constantly need to explain to people, because it doesn’t have a clear cut definition.

Typically, I’m hired by the photographer to schlep gear, run errands, and spot tiny details that could throw off a shot (rogue fly aways, upside down boutonnieres, smudged lipstick, etc). But sometimes, I get to break out my “kit” as I call it, and save the day. Bobbi pins, nipple covers, eye drops, scissors. It’s all in there and I feel like Mary Poppins when I pull out the item my client is looking for. People pleaser to the max.

All this is to tell you that this past Saturday, I worked a wedding that was so sweet, so special that I was nearly bowled over by it. The one detail that blew my mind was a very special 2nd line band that played as the couple marched down the Brooklyn promenade. The photographer and I kept remarking that it was the happiest thing we’ve ever seen. I felt light and jubilant, and when I had a free moment, texted Raven.

Do you like this kind of music, I asked. Yeah, he replied. And that was that. Since our ceremony and reception are at the same venue, we won’t need to have a parade, but we love the idea of incorporating live music into the day, and we’re hoping to hire a band like this one (I didn’t even get their name!!) for the cocktail hour.

So, I’d love to ask you all – did you have live music at all or part of your wedding day? How did it go? What type of band was it? And by all means, if your wedding was in CT, holler at your girl! We need recommendations!




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