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Good morning, lovely friends! I hope you’re all feeling rested after the weekend, I know I am! Yesterday I took two, count ’em, TWO naps after a whirlwind wedding on Saturday, and I ended up sleeping in a bit this morning. I can hear my father now; “Sleep is critical.” Amen, Dad!
Whether it be client sourcing or just poking around my favorite retailers, I have been coming across some incredible pieces lately, so I thought I’d share the list.


First up, a romper that does double duty for a friend’s wedding that I’m working and attending.

Sandals that stay firmly in place and are, in a word, on fleek.

Shorts that I can throw on to look like a functioning human being, as well as over a ‘kini for Memorial Day beach outings.

A silly canvas makeup bag for bridesmaids and bride.

A cell phone holder for communication during long weddings.

Fancy and efficient sunblock.

A cozy tee by one of my favorites.

A carry on that will never get lost in the shuffle on our honeymoon.

What’s on your radar lately? Do tell 🙂



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