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My mom and dad on their wedding day. June 8th, 1974.
And here we are! Another Friday, and it’s a beauty here in NYC. This week has been packed with client work for me – I know I’ve mentioned that a few times but I’m pinching myself. It feels so great to be doing what I love. This weekend the work continues assisting a wedding with my good friend, but before that I’ll be enjoying Becca’s show tonight in Gowanus! What are you up to this weekend? I hope it’s grand. Here are my favorite links of the week:

Speaking of Becca’s show: go see it! Guarantee you will enjoy it. Tickets here.

A must read for every manicure loving NYC lady: the sad truth about our go-to salons. (thank you to my sister for sending this my way!)

Sex in museums. I have to admit I think I enjoyed reading this a little too much.

Astorians! I’ve been taking barre class here 2-3 times / week and I’m loving it. Working on my goal of taking an exercise class in nothing but a sports bra and yoga pants.

My latest obsession.

I felt chuffed after reading this expert’s recommendation for what to order in the air.

And finally, in honor of Mother’s day this weekend and because my mother doesn’t care about bells and whistles (read: cards and flowers), here are two of my favorite songs about moms. Be warned – tears will flow. LOVE YOU MAMA!

See you Monday!



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