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Happy Thursday! At this point in the week, maybe you’ve exhausted your go-to looks, and maybe even your new ones. So you wake up today and maybe you feel a little uninspired. I hear you. Getting dressed isn’t hard, but we make it hard by layering in all of our preconceived notions about what looks good on us, what’s “in,” and worst of all, what other people  think about what we’re wearing. I say we end this malarkey right now and blow everyone’s minds today with our fierce good looks and efficiency in the face of what to wear.

1. Weather – Probably obvious, right? Critically important. If you dress for cooler climes, your handbag changes to accommodate a cardigan, which perhaps shifts the entire essence of your outfit. Do yourself a favor and check out your favorite weather app. It’s going to be 80 today in NYC, so no need for tons of layers. Let’s do this.

2. Pants or Dress? – Well, let’s see. How do you feel today? Tired, grumpy, annoyed? Wear a dress or skirt and fake it till you make it. Not a lot to do at work? Wear some pants. Client meeting? Step up your game; dress to impress. (At this point, if you’ve chosen a dress, skip to number 5).

3. Top – Let’s say for argument’s sake we’ve decided on pants, as I will undoubtedly do because my gams are not yet ready to flap in the breeze. To decide on a top, think about what you wore this week, and cross all of those off the list to narrow down the pool. Choose a lightweight, silk button down maybe, or my favorite this season, a structured tee.

4. Bottom -Since the top half of our body is on point, take some liberty here and maybe grab your go-to jeans or slacks. It’s hot out, maybe cuff the bottoms. If your shirt’s tucked in, convert a long silky scarf into a belt.

5. Shoes – Half of your shoe-ventory is out of the running today because it’s so nice out. If it’s nice out, ankles out. I challenge you to not wear ballet flats today. Wear sandals, top siders or keds, Birkenstocks, brogues, loafers…anything but ballet flats. There are 3000 other awesome styles of flat shoes to wear, and not to hate on ballet flats, but they’re one of those items that people wear just because. We’re not wearing anything just because today because we’re crushing this how to list.

6. Succesorize – Now that we’re dressed, the rest is just a cake walk. Find three pieces of jewelry that you like, and put them all on. Take one off, see how you like that look. Heck, maybe take one more off. I know that over-accessorizing is a trend, but for me personally, less is more. Let your one or two incredible pieces do the talking.

And you’re done! I want to know, how do you get dressed in the morning? Is this breakdown helpful? Talk to me!



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