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Friends! Sorry to have left you guys hanging this week. (Quick aside: Allison Williams and Kerry Washington were my best dressed picks for the Met Ball) LRW has been busy in the best way, and I wanted to give priority to the lovely clients filling up my time. Yesterday began, as every day should, with the sweetest couple getting photographed in front of the Met at sunrise. Not really a big deal at all. I was assisting my good friend Julia with the shoot, and it felt so good to be behind (to the side of?) the camera. Wedding season has begun!
And since you know I love a good segue, speaking of wedding season…it’s weds-day! Something has had me scratching my head lately. Aside from the wedding day, there is a tendency to dress the bride in white for the surrounding celebrations: bachelorette, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, etc. While I get it and respect it, I just think we, as brides, are selling ourselves short. Dressing up is so fun and I for one, don’t get to do it very often. So when I do, I want to make sure that I’m flexing my style muscles allllll the way.

Here’s what I’m dreaming up for your bachelorette:


// dress // shoes // earrings // nail polish // bag //

Every single time I put something on my body, I want it to be the least expected. So that means taking a risk – which is so fun. Start by considering what a bachelorette party means – celebrating your last remaining single moments. You probably want to feel sexy, and the exaggerated leopard is a nod to that. It’s also a fun night, so let’s keep it colorful. Bold earrings and shoes, a simple mani and a matching cross body bag (because, let’s face it, clutches have to be carried, and cross body bags get worn). She’s feeling herself, yes? Yes.



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