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This week has been awesome, friends. I appreciate all the love and I’m glad you guys are enjoying my posts lately, because I’m really enjoying writing them. This Sunday I am heading up to CT for my nephew’s 3rd birthday; I haven’t seen him or his brother in months, so I’m really excited for some QT. Other than that, we’re lying low and I’ve got a lot of LRW work to do! What are you up to this weekend? It’s supposed to be in the 70’s steady for the next week, woo hoo! As always, you’ll find my favorite links of the week below…

Let’s all pretend we’re having a huge sleepover in this house.

In case you missed it: Christian Louboutin’s expanded collection of the color nude.

An important Serial update!

I’ll take one in every color, thanks.

I’m normally a body wash girl, but am lately intrigued by fancy bars of soap.


Of course…I scored 100%.

See you Monday!








image by Victoria Gloria.

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