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…according to me.
If you’re a regular around these parts, you know I kind of have a problem with posts like “The 10 pieces you should own by age 30” or “The 20 pieces every woman should own,” etc. To me, style is subjective, and differs for everyone. Not everyone wears blazers, trench coats, or flats, for example. I cannot tell you how many people have asked you to write one of these posts, and I aim to please, so I’m doing it. But! I’m doing it my way, with pieces that I, Allie O’Connor, believe that you should own, consider owning, or plan to own.

Let’s do this.

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1. Leather or Jean Jacket – Screw the blazer (even though I love them), a leather or jean jacket is versatile and timeless. I’ve worn mine to formal events (a pashmina over a dress is a no-no in my book), date nights, with friends and to the bodega for coffee. Perfect for transitional weather and always adds extra style to any outfit. My picks: leather jacket, jean jacket.

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2. Cashmere Sweater Comfort and style go hand in hand, and I cannot think of anything more chic or comfortable than cashmere. It’s lightweight, luxurious, travels well, and again, is completely timeless. My picks: one (on sale!), two.

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 9.27.38 AM

3. Classic Tee – I talked about this in one of my very first posts. Good style starts at the base, or foundation of your wardrobe. Having a great t-shirt to throw on at the last second takes the guesswork of getting dressed. One of my friends commented that I always wear white t-shirts. Duh. Yup, I do. Because it looks great, feels great, and is always stylish. Base dressing. My picks: one, two.

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4. Nude pumps – Or, as I like to call them, Insta-legs. No other shoe has the power to make me feel as sexy as a nude pump, which adds the illusion of height. Christian Louboutin himself has picked up on this and added an entire range of skin colors into his line. Amen, CL! My picks: one, two, three.

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5. LBD – If you like to get dressed up, and especially if you don’t, a little black dress is a requirement. Another piece that saves time and if it fits right, flatters your every curve. My picks: one, two, three.

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 9.33.02 AM

6. Fine Jewelry – Every lady should own one piece of fine jewelry for everyday. I recently splurged on a pair of thin gold hoops, but I also like the idea of a dainty ring or pendant. My picks: one, two.

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 9.07.01 AM

7. Investment Sunglasses – Do yourself a favor and swear off cheap sunnies. Spend at least $100 on a pair that you love, and you will be astonished at how well you can treat a pair of lenses. It doesn’t matter what they look like, they will go with everything if you love them. My picks for this summer: one, two.

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8. Summer Shoes – Speaking of summer, throw away your flip flops. You owe it to your feet and your stylish self. Invest in a pair of Birks, a pair of espadrilles, or some white Keds. You deserve it. My picks: one, two.

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9. The Ultimate White Shirt – You do need a white shirt in your arsenal, but it doesn’t have to be a button down. Just like that LBD, it should be unique and flattering to you. Extra points if it’s silk. My picks: one, two.

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 9.35.05 AM

10. Jeans that fit – Stop! Buying jeans on a whim. Stop! Buying jeans because they’re on sale. This is so important. I wear the same 3 pairs of jeans every damn day of my life. I buy one pair a year, and wear them to death. Find your brand (mine is Rag & Bone) by trying on a bunch of styles in store. Memorize your size and fit (and color / wash, which is likely unique to you and that’s fine / great), and then you can shop online from then on. My picks: if you’re tall, if you’re curvy, if you’re teeny.

I feel unexpectedly wonderful after writing this – any questions or comments?








all images via my Instagram.

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