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Are there two more exquisitely fashionable humans on the planet than Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen? If there are, I’d be hard pressed to find them. There are pictures of the duo from 2008, wearing what all of us are just realizing is an incredible look today, 7 years later. I don’t know how they do what they do, BUT! I do know how to mimic it.
Earlier this week, I came across this picture:

Olsens-Anonymous-Blog-Style-Fashion-Get-The-Look-Elizabeth-And-James-Nirvana-Was-The-Best-Selling-Fragrance-Of-2014-Sephora-Elle-MagazineAnd I just said, “…damn.” So simple yet so, so on point. This, right here, is a case in and of itself for investing in high quality, basic pieces. So, not OLSEN high quality – I’m sure these outfits are a few thousand each – but great, wearable pieces that elevate your wardrobe.

Here’s my take on their outfits:


// Mary Kate // blazer (less expensive option here) // boots (less expensive option here)

// jeans //

// Ashley // sweater (less expensive option here) // loafers (other option) // jeans //

I know this palette is a little moody for this time of year – but take the pieces out of their respective outfits and they can be mixed and matched for any season, for all time. So what makes these outfits so special (aside from the quality)? Goodness, I’m so happy you asked! The key to these pieces are as follows:

Blazer: The fit is long, slim and therefore unexpected. It wears almost like a mini dress. Maybe it could be worn as a mini dress!

Boots: Super flat, elongated boot. Again, unexpected, but that’s not the key. The key to these is the snake embossing. Can you say delicious? No need for accessories with these boots.

Loafers: Embossing FTW! Or, on second glance, maybe these are just a smooth patent leather. Either way, dropping that sheen into the otherwise matte outfit is like a big ol’, sexy wink.

Sweater: It’s cashmere, there’s nothing else to say, really. Get you some.

Jeans: Dark grey is the new black, I think? And the fit is so key. Please, please, please buy jeans based on their fit before you buy them for any other reason.

I feel so much BETTER now that we unpacked these outfits. Let’s go, Thursday!




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