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Good morning! I promise this week will not become wedding-centric, I just wanted to keep our regularly scheduled Wednesday post going for you guys!

I emailed Melissa on Sunday and told her that I finally feel like I’m in wedding mode. If you remember, I was feeling stressed about not being stressed – not a humble brag, just legitimately confused. Well, I’m not stressed, but I am now in it to win it. Walking around the venue on Saturday, Raven was cracking up because every few minutes I would just stop and stare into space. I’m thinking about details folks.

When I was a planner, my tasks were singular. Food. Table layout. Rentals. I’m not saying it was easy, but it was streamlined. Now that I’m planning an entire wedding, I’m thinking about everything. I actually had a back and forth argument in my head about butter, people. Officially, I think I’ve gone bonkers.

vintage s&p shakers

So, here’s what I’m going to talk to Melissa about at our next meeting:

– welcome bags – I don’t want to include water in these, what’s a creative way to get folks hydrated?

– butter (I wasn’t kidding) and s&p shakers for the table – does it matter if they’re cute?

– cocktail hour decor – do we need flowers and pictures, etc for this?

– the cake – what should it look like?

– photo booth – this is a must and I totally hadn’t thought about it until now!

– escort cards and seating chart – NOOOO idea!


Just rereading this list I am chuckling to myself and SO thankful that we have Melissa. And let me just say, I am fully aware that it is not the wedding but the marriage that matters. It is so crystal clear to me throughout this process – Raven is patient with me, surprises me (it was his idea to have a different tie than the groomsmen – I may be rubbing off on him yet), and gives me space to have fun with the planning because he knows how much I love it.

So once again, if you have any advice, tips, suggestions about the above list, holler at your girl!








images via my Pinterest page!

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