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Friends, good morning! Yesterday was an unintentional absence – we had no internet – so I apologize for leaving you guys hanging. Honestly, though, it was nice to be forced to recharge after the weekend, which was filled to the brim with wedding related errands.

Bright and early Friday morning, Raven, Charlie and I headed up to Madison, CT, which is the home base of Jennie Fresa and her team. It was a rainy morning and I happily nursed some green tea while Tricia and I got to work on my face. In case you need a refresher, here’s what I’ve been thinking for makeup, and here’s the final result:

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top by ace & jig

I told Tricia I wanted super rosy cheeks, a wee cat eye, razor sharp brows and no pores (ha!). I was so pleased with the result and cannot recommend Tricia from Jennie Fresa enough!

The rest of the weekend was filled with meal after meal (after meal) – our wedding tasting, trying out different spots for the rehearsal dinner, our cake tasting – definitely came home with my pants fitting a bit more snug than usual. But! The menu is done, the rehearsal dinner plans are underway, we have a cake, and we’re getting married! Whew!

All in all the weekend was a fantastic retreat in CT, one of our favorite spots on earth…

location scouting spots for wedding pictures!

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Shit is getting real my friends!!



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6 years ago

love the make up! I went to CT with Turkey this weekend also and the scenery was amazing- and the weather!!!! yayayayay you’re getting married!!