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It is my firm belief that any regular outfit can be made into an extraordinary outfit with the right accessories (or, as I like to call them, success-ories). If you think about it, seasonal dressing can be more or less defined by what accessories we wear. Fall is all about boots and layers, Winter means tights, scarves and hats, and Spring and Summer are dainty layered jewelry, hairpieces and my absolute favorite: sandals.

When I think about this time of year, I always think about footwear. Suddenly my focus shifts from calculating how many layers I need to wear to deciding between Tiny Winey and Fiji.

Our feet have been cramped inside boots for way too long, and I say it’s time for us to send them to the spa. Here are 9 shoes I’m coveting for Spring:


pretty pastel

// one // two // three //

cool and colorful

// one // two // three //

got you covered

// one // two // three //

The wear it three ways¬†rule still applies here. I’m imagining all the outfits I could dream up if I owned those blue jellies. Anyone want to go shopping?



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