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Morning! This weekend I was lucky enough to attend the wedding of one of my closest college friends…and as I’m waking up today, it still feels like it might be 2006. I spent the weekend recalling memories with some of my favorite people; reminiscing about college, laughing about our 22 year old selves, and filling each other in on where we are now. College changed me – it’s when I found my true friends, and where I cemented what I’m passionate about – and I feel so lucky that I was able to relive a bit of that this weekend.
All that talk this weekend made me think about my collegiate fashion choices – of which there were many interesting…attempts, I suppose, is the right word. My Sophomore year uniform was essentially a vintage tee, a pair of Juicy Couture sweats, and my jean jacket. Inexplicably, I also wore a white hanes tank under everything. Today I think it would be fun to imagine what I’d wear if I were in college now…


I want college Allie to be a bit more sophisticated, but still keep her wistful sense of humor; this top is just right for that sort of thing. Juicy Couture is out, but comfy pants are not. Some silky joggers are just what the doctor ordered for those 3 hour acting classes and rehearsal. I would trade in her backpack for a bright bag – maybe she can carry her books like the teens in 80’s movies! And what’s more scholarly than a pair of loafers and a schoolboy blazer? I’m already impressed by her sartorial prowess…

I’d love to hear what you wore in college! The more embarrassing, the better. Bring it on!



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6 years ago

…whatever I wore to bed. This usually included: a pair of Muhlenberg sweatpants (go Mules!), a ratty tie-dye tee (with frogs on it- I kid you not), and a brown sweater. A bra… if there was time. Certainly not a high point in fashion, but college was all about sneaking in naps between classes, so I kept things cozy. I still have that Peace Frogs tee- it is the perfect amount of vintage-y soft.

6 years ago
Reply to  Becky

YES! I think I remember this shirt of yours. I bet it would look awesome with today’s outfit. Jus sayin…xo