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We all know how this time of year goes: one day we wake up, it’s 55, we get a huuuuge boner for Spring, and next thing we know we’re running through our favorite store scooping up anything that exposes our limbs faster than you can say “pollen count.”
Along with add ons and base dressing (these are terms that I believe I made up), I am a whole hearted believer in wearability of every piece in your arsenal.

We’ve talked about it time and time again, but you have to stop, drop and think when you’re considering adding something to your wardrobe this Spring (and any season, for that matter). One of my favorite mental tests is to imagine three outfits with the piece in question. This is an easy feat when you’re buying purported classic pieces (white tees, jeans, blazers, etc), but it’s a bit more difficult when you’re holding a standalone piece. Let’s walk through this together.

The piece in question is:

 Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 8.31.13 AMMilly Tank, $154

Dope, right? Yet specific. The inclination is to take this home, make a complete outfit, and then leave it at that and never wear it with anything else. Trust me, I do it, too. “I’m not sure how to wear this” is one of the prime reasons that clothing is taking up precious real estate in your closet. Do not let it happen! Follow the three way (hehe) rule.


// pants // shoes (25% off with code SPRING25) // necklace // belt //

Look 1: date night / girls night / etc: Pair the shirt with jeans and strappy sandals. Tuck it into jeans and wrap yourself in a brown belt ; this adds intrigue and interest. Finish off with a long pendant. Enjoy!


// skirt // shoes // blazer //

Look 2: Work wear. Challenge yourself here. Grab your favorite blazer and that printed skirt that you only wear with a black button down and make something happen. Clogs are not out. Please buy these.


// bag // shoes // pants //

Look 3: Just because it’s Saturday AM, doesn’t mean you can’t look FTD. These sandals are the 2015 Birkenstock (lofty proclamation but I’m going for it). You can never have too many fancy sweats and you absolutely need a bucket bag, no matter the size.

<drops the mic>

Any questions?



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6 years ago

I LOVE this rule! I actually use it when buying music. If I don’t like at least three songs on an album I won’t buy it. Never thought to apply it to clothing.
Brilliant, as always. <3