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Weds-day is back!┬áNot a whole lot is happening over here in the wedding department, but I am dropping off our save the dates to my SIL today! She’s a teacher and has that annoyingly amazing teacher handwriting and kindly agreed to address everything by hand (and thank goodness for that because I’m a lefty with enormous and bizarre penmanship).

On the invite front, we just got our mock-ups from Happy Menocal and I’ve never seen a finer piece of paper in my life. I won’t share the mock up here quite yet, but I will say that Happy’s work is incredible and I highly recommend her for your entire invitation suite as well as signage.

Our venue requires that we pay for a minimum of 120 guests, regardless of our headcount. Luckily, that was a number that Raven and I (and our parents) were comfortable with, so we decided to invite around 150 people to account for declines. I thought 150 would be a piece of cake but honestly, it’s kind of a hard number to get to for us. We’re there, but we’ve been able to extend invites to anyone we please, essentially.

There’s some rule that says you should only invite people that your partner has met, or that you see on a regular basis. I see the sense in that, but at the end of the day, we’ve decided to invite or not invite folks based on whether or not we feel like it. I know this sounds flippant, but when you’re throwing a once in a lifetime party, maybe you should have a once in a lifetime guest list, am I right? Maybe invites should be based on the quality of your interactions, not the quantity.

With that being said, we’re inviting friends, acquaintances, get-the-party-started-ers, conversation ninjas, and everything in between. And, because I’m a Scorpio who keeps her family close and her clan closer, we’re not inviting people who might suck the magic out of the room.

Does that make sense? Am I being silly? Is there a secret formula to inviting guests that I need to know? Please, married folk! Help a lady out. Impart your wisdom on me!









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