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Hi, friends! It’s been a while since I did a style dictionary post, and I’ll be honest here, mostly because I could never think of what to write about. But! Some lovely lady who took my survey mentioned that she missed these! And my babies get what my babies want. As I was brainstorming yesterday, I realized that maybe I don’t need to seek out terms that no one (read: most people) don’t know – maybe I just need to highlight things that in all likelihood, you’ve heard of, and give a good background on the term and why it’s cool / matters.

So with that in mind, let’s talk Spring and Summer’s biggest shoe trend: the espadrille! If you attended the talk I did at The Brass Owl last month, Nicole and I raved about its perfection.

What it is: a light canvas shoe with a plaited fiber sole. You know what else it is? The perfect Spring/Summer shoe for the NYC gal, and a timeless pair of shoes that will never go out of style.

No, really. Espadrilles have been around since the 14th century (according to my friend wikipedia), and became the shoe choice of Salvidor Dali. Most are made in Spain, though nowadays you see high end retailers like Chanel producing couture versions. I bought the pair above at the oldest espadrille shop in Barcelona – I wish I had a picture, it was absolutely glorious.

If you don’t have plans to hop on a plane to Spain anytime soon, here are a few affordable, super sweet espadrilles to add to your wardrobe this Spring:


// two tone // laces out // metallic // ballet //  slingback //

Yum! See you lovelies tomorrow!



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