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Good morning! Sorry for the radio silence yesterday – that sickness was no joke. I’m already feeling much better as I type this up, and it got me to thinking: we all have those days where, for whatever reason, we feel awful. We’re sick, we’re sad, we’re in a fight with a loved one, we got some bad news, work stress, it’s raining, whatever. The temptation to put on whatever outfit is semi-clean and in front of your face is palpable. This is what I did Tuesday before my bug really started to kick in, and it didn’t do me any favors. I’ve had a long standing philosophy that you should dress the opposite of how you feel – it truly works like a charm. If you’re in need of a pick me up today, here’s how to dress for success:

1. Eye cream: This is so key! When I have a sleepless night (or back when I had a shitty ex who made me cry a lot), I wake up with pillows under my eyes. Even my eyelids get really puffy. A great eye cream is key to de-puff and start fresh; I use Tata Harper’s and I cannot recommend it enough. My friend taught me a great tip: keep your eye cream in the fridge. The cool application feels incredible and is instantly energizing.

2. Make-up: Sure, you can argue that make-up is sexist and unnecessary and silly and I won’t argue with you. For me personally, however, I’ve always loved make-up, so it always makes me feel good to put on my face. To really brighten up my visage, I’ve been using this contour palette. I love the highlighter, which I swipe down my nose and across my hairline. Maybe you’re not into make-up though, and that’s fine, too! Treat yourself to a luxurious lotion application, your favorite perfume, or a new-to-you chapstick.

3. Bright colors: This is kind of obvious, I suppose, but it has to be mentioned. I wear a lot of black and blue, so it’s great to pull out my favorite yellow sweater when I’m feeling less than chipper. You can’t go wrong with these happy flats for Spring, either.

4. The back of your closet: Maybe you’re in a bad mood because you have “nothing to wear.” I’ve mentioned this before – really look at your wardrobe. Don’t just sort through what’s right in front of you (in my case, that means whatever’s hanging at the end of the bed) – really have a look at what you’ve got. For me, that’s a way to remember that I’ve got this chipper shirt to work with – day is instantly better.

5. Successorize: Last and never least. Do not discount the wonders that tiny studs can do. Just like you really looked at your closet – really look at your accessories. Layer some necklaces, create a thick bracelet stack, or just put on some earrings for a change.

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What do you guys think? For me, this isn’t about fashion or beauty at all, it’s about acknowledging that you’re worth a little TLC every day, especially when you’re not feeling your best. And with that, I hope you have a lovely Thursday!



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