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I kind of feel like I left you guys hanging yesterday – it was a bit of a stream of consciousness post, and though I wholeheartedly stand by it, I want to give you guys some juice to work with.
I’ve said time and time again that dressing yourself is about the add ons – that you could wear a plain white tee and jeans 7 days a week and never look the same. In thinking about dressing for Spring (whose warm sun will be coming any day now…), I came up with 5 lovely accessories for you to add to your closet, and how to wear them:



// sunglasses // tee // reversible necklace // scarf // mini bag // shoes // jeans //

1. Invest in an atypical pair of lenses (round, colored or mirrored lenses, frameless) and wear with everything. Let them do the talking; after you take them off, tuck them into your shirt collar to avoid having to wear a necklace.

2. Speaking of necklaces, buy a versatile long necklace to layer with your favorite dainty pendant (or sunglasses!). The long silhouette takes the guesswork out of what to pair it with – it goes with every neckline!

3. Buy a gauzy, neutral scarf. Tie it to the strap of your bag, then loop around the neck three times when you need some extra warmth.

4. Mini bags are a great way to layer color into an outfit without having to commit. Wisely invest – think about wearability, size, and durability. If it’s real leather, you may be able to sell at the end of the season. If it’s tiny, it’s a great day trip or going out piece.

5. Close-toed shoes are worth their weight in gold for this time of year. The pair above can be worn with cute stocking socks or not, and is a great warm weather but forgot-to-get-a-pedicure option.

Looking back at this list, I realize that I haven’t added any of these items into my wardrobe for this year – time to shop?



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