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Oh hi, friends! Is anyone else still half asleep? I had a chock full weekend – Raven’s family was in town, there was a lot of eating (and a lot of drinking) and the Hedwig soundtrack has been on repeat. This morning doesn’t feel like Monday in the slightest.

In my half-sleep stupor this morning, I began thinking about accessories (as you do when you’re lying in bed), and I wanted to put something out there to you all: stop accessorizing for the sake of it.

Occasionally a trend will come along that’s great, and then it gets reworn and reworn and trickles down through each realm of fashion / retail until there’s nothing but a fragment of the former trend left – and the fragment usually isn’t good. So many times we’ll see the trend get used and abused and yet complacently we abide by it.

I’ll use an example I love – statement necklaces. When they’re good, they makes the outfit. And even if they aren’t “good” (what does that mean, really), they’re still a great go-to look. But the why is where I take pause. By all means, throw something on, and do it boldly and confidently despite what everyone else thinks – but think it through.

In the picture above is a necklace I have never worn save for the day I wore that outfit. I would always try to throw this necklace on – that’s why I bought it – but just before I’d leave the house, like the Slytherin Horcrux in Harry Potter,  I’d take it off because it was dragging me down. It took me 3 years, countless outfits, and forgoing my “if you haven’t worn it in a year” rule to pair it correctly. A crew neck tee and a monochrome palette were what worked for me.

So before you decide to throw something on tomorrow, take a step back and think about the why, and if it means you walk out of the house unsuccessorized, so be it.




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6 years ago

love the HP reference!