Fashion is the way I introduce myself to the world, every day, without saying anything.

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Oh friends thank you SO much for your thoughtful and helpful advice on yesterday’s post!! Even though Raven and I still haven’t reached a decision as to whether or not we’ll have a first look, conversations are happening, which is awesome.
Guys, I am cold. I am cold and all I want to do is be WARM! Today I’m serving you my spring wish list – no bathing suits on here, are you crazy?? I’m looking for 60-75 degree weather, and that’s that!


// jeans // mini bag // bracelet // gold shoes // striped top // grey top // blue shoes //

This spring I’m all about classic, comfy, and subdued. I’ll only layer in color where absolutely necessary (teeny tiny bag? Yes please.), and I’ll stay away from ballet flats and wear the springy equivalent of boots and sneaks. I’ll wear knee slits in my jeans so I can avoid wearing shorts, and every outfit will have stripes because they’re the best no brainer way to add instant chic.

What are you coveting for spring??



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