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It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts – but I’m always keeping a look out for super sneaky near knockoffs. Do you follow the street style of fashion week (New York, London, Milan and now Paris)?
Well, this past fall, everyone was wearing Chloe’s drew satchel:





It’s gorgeous, right? It’s impossibly fresh with a bit of a 70’s vibe. Love it. I don’t however, love the almost $1800 price tag that comes along with it.


Chloe Mini Drew Saddle Bag, $1750

Friends! Look what I found!


ASOS mini saddle, $30

Basically the same, yes? The same gold hardware, pretty clasp, and I love the color blocking this one has, just like some of the Chloe versions.

My rule of thumb for big time purchases is that they must be something you absolutely love, as well have high wearability. The Chloe bag is great, but for the average New Yorker like you and me, it’s not super practical. I usually carry around two bags when commuting, and I know this bag wouldn’t fit much – which is why I like the ASOS version better, for an inexpensive but stylish night out.

Hope to see you all tonight!!



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