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Happy Friday! My unexpected snow day yesterday totally threw me off – it doesn’t feel like Friday, but I’ll take it! What are you all up to this weekend? Raven and I are beginning our home search on Sunday – we’re pretty sure we’re moving to CT later this year! There are so many mixed feelings about it (Yesterday I went from ‘I can’t wait to share a home with you!’ to ‘I’m sad.’ Seriously.), but we keep reminding ourselves that we’re in the education / learning stage of it all – no commitment yet! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend, below are my favorite links of the week!

Browsing the new arrivals at Banana Republic got me so excited for Spring.

This is on our to-do list for when the weather warms up.

Would you try / have you tried any of these gadgets?

Will I see you next Thursday??

This cracked me up, and is basically my life story.

A trend I am dying to try.

Don’t forget the Shopbop sale! 15-25% off with code BIGEVENT15. I want you.

Major photo inspiration.

See you Monday, lovelies!








photo by Ashley Caroline.

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