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I woke up to an unexpected snow day today (from my day job), and I’ve been catching up on emails and scouting my favorite retailers all morning. Sure, the snow is (kind of) getting old, but a wild card catch-up day is never, ever a bad thing.
Ever since I saw the Tiffany bean necklace in 7th grade, I’ve never had a problem with justifying spending on investment pieces. I realize that this (blessing / curse) is not the norm. Even though I love a high quality, designer dud just as much as the next person, take a peek in my closet and you’ll find a 50 / 50 mix of high fashion and trendy, fast fashion.

What’s the key to a good mix of high and low, or rather, investment and bargain pieces?


// shirt (low) // pants (high) // shoes (low) // bag (high) // watch (low) //

1. Invest in neutrals: Spring for the classic blue jeans, the black boots, the  understated down winter coat, or the tan leather handbag. Spend less on colorful, pattern-filled items.

2. Consider downgrading simple basics (or look alikes): A plain white cotton tee is a plain white cotton tee, whether it’s made by Chanel or Gap. If the material is the same, go for the less expensive option. Years ago I was coveting a $70 chambray button down from Banana Republic. I couldn’t really afford it, but I loved it so much, so I challenged myself. I told myself that if I couldn’t find a similar version across the street at H&M, I would buy it. Low and behold, I went home 20 minutes later with an identical chambray top from H&M, for $40 cheaper. I still own the shirt to this day and it always gets compliments.

3. Rule of thumb: If you love it, buy it. I repeat; if you LOVE it, buy it. Anyone can walk into Forever 21 or Marshall’s and drop $100 on random pieces just because. Take the time, every time, to truly consider the wearability of a piece. If you love it, but it’s polyester and will only make it through one season before it disintegrates, go for it. Same goes for that cashmere sweater. Especially the cashmere sweater – which you can wear again and again and hand down to a niece or nephew one day. If you love it (and can afford it!), buy it.

What kind of shopper are you? A delayed gratification splurge shopper? Or a fast fashion loving saver? Or a bit of both? I’d love to hear.




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