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Good morning, friends!
It’s Thursday, which means it’s date night over here at our house. Big plans include drinking a bottle of wine and watching Scandal, and possibly going out for a drink (because let’s be serious, after one I’m ready for jammies). Before that, though, I wanted to share one of my recent projects. I’ve been doing a lot of Spring sourcing, and I want to wet your whistle for my night at The Brass Owl in 2 weeks!



// dress // pumps // navy jacket // sandals // olive jacket //

 I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t starting to think about Spring fashion a little bit. Layering is my favorite, and Spring affords us the opportunity to air ourselves out while still being able to bundle. My client’s style is laid back bohemian, and this look is giving me work apropos with a hint of 70’s vibe.

Talk to me, what are your thoughts for Spring?



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Sukie Joe
Sukie Joe
4 years ago

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