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A few years ago when my friend Courtney was getting married, she and I talked about different dresses for each bridesmaid. Do you remember when Amsale first became well known? It was (and still is) really popular to outfit ones bridesmaids in different colors / cuts or materials of her incredible dresses.
Ever since then, I’ve always known that I’d like all my bridesmaids to wear different dresses that suit them and fit their body type. And now that it’s really happening, I have even less of a pull for them all to look a certain way. The truth is, they are 6 gorgeous ladies, and 1 handsome, dapper man, and they will look beautiful in anything.

I’m abandoning any bridesmaid rules and I’m helping pick dresses that fit each lady’s body type and her budget. I’ve flirted with a color palatte and I’ve come up with: navy, grey and black. But then, while sourcing some dresses for the girls, gold / brass snuck in there too. So we shall have to see what the final picks are. I’m trying to focus less on everyone “matching” and more on everyone looking their best.



// one // two // three // four // five // six //

What do you guys think? Did you have bridesmaids? What did they wear? Tips and thoughts appreciated as always!

OH! And if you follow along on fb, you know that I have an exciting announcement for you all…which I will be sharing later 🙂

So come on back, won’t you?



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6 years ago

<3 <3 <3

Megan Bungeroth (@MeganBungeroth)

I have a tip/thought! I think this idea is lovely and so great for the ladies/gentlemen wearing the outfits. One small thing I would suggest is that if any of your BMs (I love calling them that it makes me giggle every damn time) are the types who aren’t into shopping and/or get anxiety about finding the right dress, give them some narrowed down options, or just tell them “Ok you get a below-the-knee black (or grey or etc.) dress.” I was in my aunt’s wedding and she said “just get any pink dress!” which was super nice but ended… Read more »