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Happy (holiday) Monday, friends! There’s nothing better than a long weekend, am I right? We spent ours huddled up on the couch with large glasses of wine; the cold here is intense. It’s a sweltering 5 degrees right now!
Whether or not you’re working, there’s always room to expand your knowledge of style and clothing, which, I hope, is why you stopped by today! Last week’s style dictionary post was the most popular post of the week, which tickles me, so we’re going to continue our education with today’s word: JACQUARD.

Now, my good friend Merriam Webster defines jacquard as “a fabric of intricate variegated weave or pattern,” but that’s a little general for me.

When I think of jacquard, I think of a boxy, honeycomb type fabric. Raised and textured, like this:



By the way, this was happening to the left of that photo:


He loves to nap on the heater, go figure. Anyway, ASOS consistently does jacquard really well, at an affordable price with great quality. Which, if you’re wanting to experiment with this fun pattern, is a great way to go:


// blazer // pj’s // crop top, skirt //

My favorite way to wear jacquard is in a top or jacket, but here I love the luxe jammies (great for the wedding night, maybe??), as well as a crop top set worthy of Taylor Swift.

How do you feel about jacquard? (PS- DON’T FORGET ASOS IS OFFERING 20% OFF WITH CODE PREZDAY20)



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