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With our wedding on the books, I’ve had to seriously curb my spending. Which means…I haven’t been spending at all. For someone whose workday consists of scouring the internet for clothing, it’s a challenge for me to pass by beautiful pieces.
One huge positive is that my style has taken a serious reality check. Anything that might be coming home with me is going to be thoroughly audited to make sure it’s worth the dough. So, a lot more thought has been going into every piece I’ve got my eye on lately.

luxe sweatpants

Here’s what:

1. A beautiful coat. I already have a wonderfully functional down coat, but it does stifle my style a bit, so I’ve been dreaming about a lovely woolen button down or a dreamy, unique piece. Bonus points for faux fur. // one // two // three //

2. Luxurious sweatpants. Since I work from home, I spend most of my days in comfy clothes, but my Muhlenberg sweatpants could use a serious upgrade. I’ve got my eyes fixed hard on these cashmere pants from Rag & Bone. // one // two // three //

3. A new bag. When I was in high school, my mom would take each of my paychecks and deposit them in a bank account whose purpose was money for college living expenses (good call, Mom!). However, she always let me take a couple hundred dollars out to buy myself a special treat at the end of the summer. Every year, I bought a handbag. To this day, I am always, and I mean always, coveting a new bag. It’s my belief that bags are worth the investment, and consigning designer bags is a wonderful thing. My favorite resale site is Tradesy, and Cuyana‘s bags are so affordable and so well made. // one // two // three //

Have a lovely Thursday, friends!



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6 years ago

LOVE the faux fur coat!! xx