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If you’ve been reading LRW for any amount of time, you know that photography is a subject near and dear to my heart. Raven is an amateur photographer whose love for the craft was just blossoming when we first started dating. He used to wake me up in his Brooklyn apartment to see the sunrise, and before he had a camera, he would snap as many pictures as he could on his phone.

A good chunk of my business is working with photographers – outfit posts, photoshoots, weddings, etc. So long before Raven popped the question, photography for the big day was on my mind.

My situation is unique because our photographer is my closest childhood friend. Our aesthetic is so similar and working together we always find ourselves in a groove. As this may not be your situation, I thought I would run through some of my tips for selecting a photographer for your big day:

1. Ask yourself what you want: Do you want sweet candids and natural photography? Or do you love portraits? Do you want to take your photographer on an adventure, leading them to your favorite spot in the woods, on the beach, etc? Or do you just want simple, beautiful photos that capture the essence of your day? Whatever the answer, make sure you read your photographer’s bio (and if that’s not good enough, hop on a call!) to make sure their vision jives with yours.

2. Leave the shot list at home: A good photographer has a shot list in their mind – they’ve captured many weddings before and know which pictures to get (the rings, your dress, venue details, etc). If you follow the tip above, you already love their aesthetic, so let them do what they do best so you can worry about getting married. Have a certain vision you want to capture for the day? Discuss with your photographer beforehand, to make sure they make a note of it.

3. Trust: I cannot stress how important this is. With any wedding vendor, it’s crucial that you wholeheartedly trust them to do the job they were hired to do. With photography, that means trusting that your love will be captured in the way you dream. If you trust your photographer, there’s no need for a shot list or aesthetic instruction. Let you photographer be inspired by your love, and trust that it will come through in their art.

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6 years ago

Great tips! Can’t wait to see more engagement photos!!