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Allie O'Connor
Morning! Popping in extra quick because today is our engagement shoot! As always, Ashley has some tricks up her sleeve and we are so excited to shoot with her. We’re also having our first planning meeting at our wedding venue today, which THRILLS me. I cannot wait to get started! The rest of the weekend will be spent doing some blog work and relaxing on my couch away from this frigid weather! Before I go, though, here are my favorite links from the week!

Watch this now.

Way to go, Starbucks!

Uber helpful article for small businesses!

Love wallpaper?¬†Here’s how to do it right.

The ultimate Olsen sister fashion roundup.

Elements of this wedding have been a huge inspiration to me in the planning process. Though we’re going in a much different direction, I still absolutely swoon over it.

And on that note, check out my Pinterest wedding board!

Till Monday,








image by Ashley Caroline for LRW.

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6 years ago

That Olsens blog is now my new favorite thing. Have fun today!!