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Good morning friends! How are you all? I still have a cold from 2 weeks ago (!!), and finally bit the bullet last night and got some antibiotics. I feel so awful, I forgot what it feels like to be healthy! Raven’s Mom always says that sickness reminds us that we take our good health for granted, and I could not agree more. So! With that, weds-day!

Raven and I both had a moment where we looked at each other and went, “Woahhhhh” when we realized we get to come up with a registry. Honestly, it feels a little indulgent and silly, but everyone does it, it’s a thing, embrace it, right?? So we did.

Bloomingdales has been a favorite of mine since I was little. Every year at Christmas my mom, sister and I would spend a day wandering around the flagship store on 59th, and I always felt SO stylish and grownup (I acquired this jean jacket there in college which is one of my favorite pieces ever!). So registering there was a given for us – and now we really feel like New Yorkers.

But we also have a lot of random things we want to register for, and I knew we wouldn’t want to just sign up at another department store…and that’s when I found Blueprint Registry.

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Blueprint is exciting because you can add to your registry from any website – it’s almost like Pinterest – and you can split heftier price tags into group gifts, which is so nice for any guest on a budget. They work with retailers like Williams Sonoma, Anthropologie, and West Elm, to bring you items that you can add directly from their site. Lastly, you can go room by room (and customize based on the size of your home), which is perfect so you don’t add too many / too few items.

Oh! Blueprint also allows you to add experiential gifts like “Drinks on the plane” (we added that) or “couples’ massage,” as well as charitable gifts (we added a donation to the ASPCA on our registry). Needless to say we love that feature.

Even though I feel good about our registry session, I still feel like I need more help deciding what we want / need. Married friends – what’s your favorite gift from your registry? Anything you wish you had registered for but didn’t? Spill dem beans!







images by Ashley Caroline Photography for LRW.

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6 years ago

A good cocktail shaker! We registered for the Pottery Barn penguin and it has been THE most used item 14 years later! Can’t make a good martini without it!