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Roll your eyes all you want to, Valentine’s day is a blast. If you’re single this year, I attest to the fact that some of the best Valentine’s day celebrations I’ve ever had were on my own – just me and my friends or family.
Plus, who doesn’t love pink and red? In the spirit of hearts and those two colors, I’ve rounded up some awesome gifts…


// love sign // glitter canister // driving gloves // lacy bra // rose bracelet //  watch // champagne flutes// appetizer plates // NARS Super Orgasm Set // sexy book //

Doesn’t that watch look like a Rolex? I’m loving it. I’m also loving those flutes – everyone needs champagne flutes, because everyone deserves to feel fancy, and I love the sleek design and durability of these! If you haven’t read Still Life With Woodpecker, draw yourself a bath, light some candles and pour yourself a glass of wine. It’s an incredibly sexy love story, without the bad writing.



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