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Good morning, friends! I couldn’t resist sharing another incredible photo this morning of the mountains in Salt Lake City. Last week feels so long ago, and yet I’m still trying to get my head around everything I learned and all the incredible people I met.

What are you all up to this weekend? I am taking 2! classes at Bari, meeting a friend for dinner, and franticly sourcing some props for our engagement shoot next week! Aside from that, sleep is on the menu. Oh, and wine. Here are some of my favorite links from this week:

I tried this at-home workout and was pleasantly surprised with how fun it was! Tip: I recommend reading it over first to make sure you know how to do all the sequences!

As we’re planning our honeymoon, I found this list of resources extremely helpful. (via Design Darling)

How cool is this? These folks were at Alt!

My mom got rid of her pink jumpsuit from the 80’s and I will never forgive her.

Raven and I splurged on this coffee table, which is on sale! We’re grownups!

I’m kind of obsessed with blue eyeliner. Should I give it a try?

Garance Dore at the ballet. How awesome would it be to frame a couple of these and throw them in your lady den (or closet!)?

Until next week,


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