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Yesterday’s weather was…sad. If I wasn’t having an incredible day with my girlfriends, I would have been wallowing in the wah wah-ness of the rain. I figured you might all be feeling similarly. Is anyone else dreaming of a magical snowfall? You’ve got a friend in me.
This weekend was a dream in every way, and Saturday’s shoot styling boudoir sessions got me thinking about accessories. As you know, in my life and on this blog, I’m a true minimalist when it comes to accessories. One of the biggest pieces of fashion advice my maternal Grandmother passed on to my mother, who passed it on to me, was that less is more. She used to tell my mother to put on every accessory she wanted to wear, and then take off two pieces. Grandma Grace, you are wise. I have adopted this philosophy when it comes to dressing myself and others, but make no mistake, there is a time and a place for a bold accessory.

Like today. It’s Monday, yesterday’s weather was a bust, we need some good cheer. Here are 10 colorful accessories to catapult you into a wonderful week:



// chic day-to-night wallet // not-totally-necessary-but-oh-so-necessary sunglasses // timeless with a twist watch // monogrammed key chain // finger bling // chunky bracelet to wear with aforementioned watch // slick silver iPhone case // simple gold bracelet // buzzworthy earrings // evil eye necklace to ward off Monday blues 

See you folks tomorrow! Have a wonderful day.



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