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Hi friends! As some of you know, a good chunk of what I do outside of these pages is what I like to call a closet makeover. About 80% of what I do is stripping down my clients’ wardrobe, and clearing out items they don’t wear anymore to make room for investment pieces. The other 20% of what I do is organize. This so key, especially for those of us who live in the NYC area. We have little space, lots of goods. I get it, I do. Like I said, 80% is editing your existing wardrobe, and 20% is this:

1. Invest in good hangers: We’re all adults here, right? Can we agree that it may be time to get rid of our plastic hangers from college and recycle our hangers from the dry cleaners? When I decorated my room, I decided to spend $50 on really nice hangers. Not only does my closet feel less full, I can see everything in it! I love these, and these are a great all in one option.

2. Utilize your closet: I mean it! Hang everything you possibly can. The more you hang in your closet, the more readily available your best pieces are, and you won’t forget about them. Leave drawers and shelves for sweaters (knits stretch when they’re hung) and workout clothes, pjs, undies, etc.

3. Put your best pieces forward: We all wear the same three outfits, truly. It’s so easy to get into a routine of wearing the most comfortable / ready wear items in your closet. Challenge yourself! Put your tried and true pieces behind the pieces that don’t get much mileage. When you’re sussing out what to wear, reach for these pieces first. Try something new every week. Your closet and your bank account will thank you!

Follow these rules and I promise, you’ll have a happy situation. Or, if you just don’t have time / energy, shoot me an email at allie AT littleredswell DOT com and I’ll do it for you! Closet makeovers start at $100.



photo by Victoria Gloria.

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6 years ago

Great tips! I’ve been holding onto mismatching plastic hangers circa 2006 – yikes!